Elements of Modern Algebra Seventh Edition pdf

Elements of Modern Algebra Seventh Edition pdf

Elements of Modern Algebra Seventh Edition pdf : Pages 524

By Linda Gilbert University of South Carolina Upstate and Jimmie Gilbert Late of University of South Carolina Upstate

As the earlier editions were, this book is intended as a text for an introductory course in algebraic structures (groups, rings, fields, and so forth). Such a course is often used to bridge the gap from manipulative to theoretical mathematics and to help prepare secondary mathematics teachers for their careers. A minimal amount of mathematical maturity is assumed in the text; a major goal is to develop mathematical maturity. The material is presented in a theorem-proof format, with definitions and major results easily located thanks to a user-friendly format. The treatment is rigorous and self-contained, in keeping with the objectives of training the student in the techniques of algebra and providing a bridge to higher-level mathematical courses. ( Preface / Book page 12 )

Postulates for the Integers (Optional); Mathematical Induction ; Divisibility ; Prime Factors and Greatest Common Divisor ; Congruence of Integers ; Congruence Classes ; Introduction to Coding Theory (Optional) ; Introduction to Cryptography (Optional) ; Key Words and Phrases ; A Pioneer in Mathematics : Blaise Pascal 1 ; Subgroups ; Cyclic Groups ; Isomorphisms ; Homomorphisms

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