Elementary topology problem textbook pdf


Elementary topology problem textbook pdf

Elementary topology problem textbook pdf : Pages 456

By Viro O., Ivanov O., Netsvetaev N., Kharlamov V.

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The subject of the book, Elementary Topology
Elementary means close to elements, basics. It is impossible to determine precisely, once and for all, which topology is elementary, and which is not. The elementary part of a subject is the part with which an expert starts to teach a novice.
We suppose that our student is ready to study topology. So, we do not try to win her or his attention and benevolence by hasty and obscure stories about misterious and attractive things such as the Klein bottle.1 All in good time: the Klein bottle will appear in its turn. However, we start with what a topological space is. That is, we start with general topology. General topology became a part of the general mathematical language long ago. It teaches one to speak clearly and precisely about things related to the idea of continuity. It is needed not only in order to explain what, finally, the Klein bottle is. This is also a way to introduce geometrical images into any area of mathematics, no matter how far from geometry the area may be at first glance. ( Book / Page N° 3 )

Viro O., Ivanov O., Netsvetaev N., Kharlamov V. – Elementary topology problem textbook

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