Electromagnetic Foundations pdf

Electromagnetic Foundations pdf

Electromagnetic Foundations pdf  : 424

By  J. A. Brandão Faria

The Electric and Magnetic Field Vectors ; Constitutive Relations ; Units and Notation ; Fundamental Concepts of Voltage and Current Intensity ; Fundamental Equations ; Gradient Electric Field, Electric Potential, Voltage, Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law ; Electric Charge, Electric Displacement Vector ; Dielectric Media, Permittivity, Polarization, Dielectric Strength ; Conductors in Electrostatic Equilibrium ; Application Example (Filament of charge) ; Capacitor, Capacitance, Electric Energy ; Application Example (Two-wire transmission line) ; Multiple Conductor Systems ; Application Example (Electric coupling in printed circuit boards) ; Electric Forces and Torques ; Homework Proposed Problems ; Conductivity, Current Density, Electric Circuits ; Current Intensity, Kirchhoff’s Current Law ; Resistor, Conductance, Resistance, Ohm’s Law.

Electromagnetic Foundations of Electrical Engineering

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