Book Standard Integral Table Algebras pdf


Book Standard Integral Table Algebras pdf

Book Standard Integral Table Algebras pdf : Pages 262

By Z. Arad, M. Muzychuk

Series: Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1773

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Year: 2002

ISBN: 9783540428510,3-540-42851-8

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This book is addressed to the researchers working in the theory of table algebras and association schemes. This area of algebraic combinatorics has been rapidly developed during the last decade. The volume contains further developments in the theory of table algebras. It collects several papers which deal with a classification problem for standard integral table algebras (SITA). More precisely, we consider SITA with a faithful non-real element of small degree. It turns out that such SITA with some extra conditions may be classified. This leads to new infinite series of SITA which has interesting properties. The last section of the book uses a part of obtained results in the classification of association schemes. This volume summarizes the research which was done at Bar-Ilan University in the academic year 1998/99.

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