Book Solving Polynomial Equation Systems pdf


Book Solving Polynomial Equation Systems pdf

Book Solving Polynomial Equation Systems pdf : Pages 439

By Teo Mora

Series: Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications 88, 99

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year: 2003

ISBN: 0521811546,9780521811545,9780511064494,9780521811569,0521811562

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With the advent of computers, theoretical studies and solution methods for polynomial equations have changed dramatically. Many classical results can be more usefully recast within a different framework which in turn lends itself to further theoretical development tuned to computation. This first book in a trilogy is devoted to the new approach. It is a handbook covering the classical theory of finding roots of a univariate polynomial, emphasizing computational aspects, especially the representation and manipulation of algebraic numbers, enlarged by more recent representations like the Duval Model and the Thom Codification. Mora aims to show that solving a polynomial equation really means finding algorithms that help one manipulate roots rather than simply computing them; to that end he also surveys algorithms for factorizing univariate polynomials.

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