Book Physics of the Universe

Book Physics of the Universe

Book Physics of the Universe :  is a free pdf ebook from NASA. / Number of pages: 76

A 21st Century Frontier of Discovery:

The Physics of the Universe

A Strategic Plan for Federal Research

at the Intersection of Physics and Astronomy


  • Question 1. What is Dark Matter?
  • Question 2. What is the Nature of Dark Energy?
  • Question 3. How Did the Universe Begin?
  • Question 4. Did Einstein Have the Last Word on Gravity?
  • Question 5. What Are the Masses of the Neutrinos and How Have They Shaped the Evolution of the Universe?
  • Question 6. How Do Cosmic Accelerators Work and What Are They Accelerating?
  • Question 7. Are Protons Unstable?
  • Question 8. What Are the New States of Matter at Exceedingly High Density and Temperature?
  • Question 9. Are There Additional Space-Time Dimensions?
  • Question 10. How Were the Elements from Iron to Uranium Made?
  • Question 11. Is a New Theory of Matter and Light Needed at the Highest Energies?



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