Book Inorganic Chemistry 6th edition by Shriver pdf


Book Inorganic Chemistry 6th edition by Shriver pdf

Book Inorganic Chemistry 6th edition by Shriver pdf

Pages 901

By Duward Shriver, Mark Weller, Tina Overton, Jonathan Rourke, Fraser Armstrong

Publisher: Macmillan Education (W. H. Freeman), Year: c2014

ISBN: 1429299061, 9781429299060

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Three-part Organization:
PART 1: Foundations provides students with a review of chemistry, the basics of structure and bonding using both qualitative and quantitative explanations.
PART 2: Elements and their compounds marches through the periodic table and main group elements often referred to as descriptive chemistry.
PART 3: Frontiers features cutting-edge research. This is especially important for advanced courses in inorganic chemistry.

Student Friendly Pedagogy:
– Context boxes illustrate the diversity of inorganic chemistry applications to advanced materials, industrial processes, environmental chemistry, and everyday life.
– Key points summarize the main take-home message of each section.
– Further reading sections at the end of the chapter list sources for more information.
– Resource sections provide an extensive data section and information relating to group theory and spectroscopy.

Emphasis on Problem Solving Skills:
– Worked Examples followed by Self-tests provide practice with calculations and problems.
– End-of-chapter Exercises have students practice balancing equations, predicting and drawing structures, and manipulating data
– Tutorial Problems are more demanding, could have more than one right answer, and are often based on a research paper. These may be used for classroom discussion or an essay based assignment.
– Molecular Modeling Problems on the book

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