Book Experimental Number Theory pdf


Book Experimental Number Theory pdf

Book Experimental Number Theory pdf

Pages 231

By Fernando Rodriguez Villegas

Series: Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics

Publisher: Oxford University Press, Year: 2007

ISBN: 9780198528227,9780199227303,9781429492461,0198528221,0199227306

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This graduate text, based on years of teaching experience, is intended for first or second year graduate students in pure mathematics. The main goal of the text is to show how the computer can be used as a tool for research in number theory through numerical experimentation. The book contains many examples of experiments in binary quadratic forms, zeta functions of varieties over finite fields, elementary class field theory, elliptic units, modular forms, along with exercises and selected solutions. Sample programs are written in GP, the scripting language for the computational package PARI, and are available for download from the author’s website.

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