Book Elementary Differential Equations by Kenneth Kuttler pdf


Book Elementary Differential Equations by Kenneth Kuttler pdf

Book Elementary Differential Equations by Kenneth Kuttler pdf

Pages 588

By Kenneth Kuttler

Series: Textbooks in Mathematics

Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC, Year: 2017

ISBN: 1138740918,978-1-1387-4091-4,9781315183138,1315183137,9781351727259,1351727257,9781351727266,1351727265,9781351727273,1351727273

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Elementary Differential Equations presents the standard material in a first course on differential equations, including all standard methods which have been a part of the subject since the time of Newton and the Bernoulli brothers. The emphasis in this book is on theory and methods and differential equations as a part of analysis.

Differential equations is worth studying, rather than merely some recipes to be used in physical science. The text gives substantial emphasis to methods which are generally presented first with theoretical considerations following. Essentially all proofs of the theorems used are included, making the book more useful as a reference.

The book mentions the main computer algebra systems, yet the emphasis is placed on MATLAB and numerical methods which include graphing the solutions and obtaining tables of values.

Featured applications are easily understood. Complete explanations of the mathematics and emphasis on methods for finding solutions are included.

(Textbooks in Mathematics) Kenneth Kuttler – Elementary Differential Equations-Chapman and Hall_CRC (2017)

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