Astronomy is Essential!

Astronomy is Essential!

Astronomy is Essential! : here is a book excerpt : Astronomy is the most ancient science. A lot of other modern sciences were originally learned from studying the Sun, Moon and stars. In spite of these facts, astronomy has “fallen through the cracks” of modern education. Many students (and their parents) consider astronomy to be an optional subject, “for people who like that sort of thing.” Yet astronomy really is an essential subject. It’s as fundamental as day and night! Part of the problem is, in our modern world today, we don’t learn much about Classical Astronomy, and all the many ways that this subject touches are our daily lives. In this ebook, you can read some of my astronomy articles that have been published in the big homeschool magazines. After you’ve read those, there’s an article from our website called giving a full description of Classical Astronomy. We’ve also linked to our site, where you can read more about our homeschool curriculum: Signs & Seasons: Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy I hope you all enjoy this ebook, and learn some exciting facts about Classical Astronomy! If you’d like to learn more, you can search or browse the 300+ articles at our web site, and sign up for our free astronomy email newsletter! Please visit:

Thanks for your interest, and God bless your efforts to learn about the sky!

Clear skies!

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