A First Course in Numerical Methods pdf

A First Course in Numerical Methods pdf

A First Course in Numerical Methods pdf  : Pages 574

By Chen Greif and Uri M. Ascher

A First Course in Numerical Methods is designed for students and researchers who seek practical knowledge of modern techniques in scientific computing. Avoiding encyclopedic and heavily theoretical exposition, the book provides an in-depth treatment of fundamental issues and methods, the reasons behind the success and failure of numerical software, and fresh and easy-to-follow approaches and techniques.

Contents: Chapter One: Numerical Algorithms; Chapter Two: Roundoff Errors; Chapter Three: Nonlinear Equations in One Variable; Chapter Four: Linear Algebra Background; Chapter Five: Linear Systems: Direct Methods; Chapter Six: Linear Least Squares Problems; Chapter Seven: Linear Systems: Iterative Methods; Chapter Eight: Eigenvalues and Singular Values; Chapter Nine: Nonlinear Systems and Optimization; Chapter Ten: Polynomial Interpolation; Chapter Eleven: Piecewise Polynomial Interpolation; Chapter Twelve: Best Approximation; Chapter Thirteen: Fourier Transform; Chapter Fourteen: Numerical Differentiation; Chapter Fifteen: Numerical Integration; Chapter Sixteen: Differential Equations.

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