30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary pdf


30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary pdf

30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary pdf : Pages 244

By Dr. Wilfred Funk, Norman Lewis

Achieve a powerful, more effective, more successful vocabulary in just a month. All it takes is 15 minutes a day and this highly effective mini-course. Start boosting communication skills with a simple 12-minute quiz that highlights your current proficiency. Keep the pencil ready and go through the workbook which guides you in writing, saying, and using new words continually until they become second nature. Find out how to identify the etymology of a word, memorize odd words, use verbs and adjectives with remarkable power, choose a synonym, and create a personalized plan for vocabulary growth. It will increase your potential for success.

Publisher: Pocket, Year: 1984

ISBN: 0671530313,9780671530310

Dr. Wilfred Funk, Norman Lewis – 30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary-Pocket (1984)

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